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How do I prepare for my home cleaning?

If you are new to having your home professionally cleaned you may wonder what you could do to get the most of your upcoming cleaning. Below are a few things that could help!

Get rid of the clutter

In order to allow your house cleaner to spend their time getting to the actual cleaning, try to put as much “stuff” as possible away. Many people laugh and say they have to clean before their cleaners come. Don’t feel like you need to wipe anything down, just recognize that you are typically not paying a house cleaner to come and pick up, or organize. Our job is to scrub and get rid of the dirt, dust and germs. The more surfaces we have access to, the more we can clean them!

We don’t expect EVERYTHING to be put away. We get that you have decorations, small appliances, lamps, etc. that need to be left out. You will feel better coming home to your freshly cleaned home if you have already taken care of the clutter, but don’t spend too much time worrying if you are putting enough away.

Keep your pets safe

If you have pets it is best to either put them in a kennel, or take them to doggy daycare while your home is being cleaned. We LOVE pets, so we want them to stay safe, away from our cleaning supplies, and open gates they may escape from.

Put away important paperwork and belongings

While most cleaning companies are honest and do background checks on their cleaners, you never know. It is always safer to put those special items in a secure place. Accidents do happen, so don’t leave your great-grandmothers fine china out for your cleaner to have to pic up and and dust under. That will help avoid the heartbreak of both you and your cleaner. Oh, and about that paperwork. Sometimes things fall on the ground and may seem like garbage, so just stick those in your filing cabinet, or drawer to avoid those mistakes.

Decide what areas are most important to you

Your cleaner cannot read your mind, so make sure to specify what is most important to you. Some walk into their home and notice right away whether the floor is clean enough to eat on, while others care more about the dust, or hopefully lack there of, on their ceiling fans. If your house cleaner knows what you care most about, there is a better chance you will both be happy with the arrangement.

Make sure they are able to access your home

Now that you’ve decluttered, put away those irreplaceable items, and are ready to enjoy a freshly cleaned home, make sure you have given your house cleaner a way to access your home. Whether it be through your garage, an electronic door code, or to remind your significant other to answer the door! We want to enter your home as seamlessly as possible so we can get to work making your home sparkle.

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